The Story of Rytualist

Our story was born out of a desire to reinvent how individuals think about injectable skincare and do so in the spirit of community and purpose. With a passion for the latest skincare techniques and my extensive career experience in healthcare operations, I made the decision to build a holistic experience for a broader clientele and develop our story from the ground up.

The work behind Rytualist started during COVID lockdown when my daughter Anna, the creative mind behind our brand, and I kept busy brainstorming about who and what we wanted Rytualist to be. As a new college grad in business and design, and a gen Z trendsetter, she helped me discover that a business is more than what we sell. It’s a chance to make a mark on the world and support causes we believe in.

The Rytualist vision is instilled in purpose – we have selected causes for which we donate time and dollars that support the self-care and empowerment of girls and women. We believe that self-care takes many shapes and forms, and often girls and women sacrifice time (or other resources) for self-care, for example, to be caregivers to others.

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With our vision and purpose defined, I wanted to wrap everything together by re-imagining the experience. I believe the latest, minimally invasive and most evolved skincare treatments — most all of which are backed by decades long research — can be experienced outside of a traditional medical office but with the clinical confidence expected by our clients. And in doing so, we can provide greater accessibility and comfortability to all who are considering treatments such as micro-needling, xeomin and peels that will address our client’s skincare goals, without sacrificing an ounce of safety.

I’ve selected a highly experienced team that includes a RN, clinical provider and medical director, who have exceptional competencies in the latest injectable techniques and minimally invasive treatments. It is our mission to provide injectable aesthetic treatments that are accessible, expertly delivered, with a focus on completely natural results.

We look forward to serving you! So, let down your hair, enjoy a little self-care and let us make you look just as amazing on the outside as you are on the inside! This is our story, the story of Rytualist.