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Future-Proof Your Present Self

No matter what life throws at you, our customized injectable skin treatments will keep you looking like yourself for longer.

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Future-Proof Your Present Self

No matter what life throws at you, our customized Botox treatments will keep you looking like yourself for longer.

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Do it for yourself.

Women are often taught from a young age that everyone else in their lives comes first. We might feel guilty or embarrassed when we choose to take time for ourselves, especially as it relates to our appearance. What they don’t tell you: taking time for yourself is healthy. Self-love instills confidence and power, which helps you conquer the day. So, do it for yourself because you deserve it (and because who gives a damn what anyone else thinks?).

Safe and effective methods,
natural-looking results.

We are experts in the use of neurotoxins and believe it’s one of the safest and most effective ways to preserve your natural beauty, from your forehead down to your décolleté. What we don’t believe in is looking plastic (we are from Maine, after all!) rather, we want to look like real people who have amazing, glowing skin. But it’s not just about looking good, we believe in feeling good about who we are and, in turn, feeling empowered to be our best selves.

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Medical prestige without the frustration.


Everyone who steps in the door at Rytualist is part of our tribe, and we encourage our members to ditch the judgement and embrace authenticity.


The process is quick, easy, and effective. You’ll be in and out quicker than it takes to get your nails done, with less time spent in the waiting room.


We use a collaborative approach to give you the natural-looking results you’re striving for. There’s no need to be uneasy; our goal is to make you comfortable not only in our space but in your own skin.

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Revolutionize your Rytual

Face masks and fancy serums are nice and all, but have you ever caught yourself wondering: is this really working? At Rytualist, we specialize in truly effective & natural-looking skin treatments, so you can spend less time second-guessing your decisions and more time enjoying the amazing, tangible results.

Looking to host a night out on the town with your friends?

We all could use a break from the busyness of life to just relax and enjoy a fun night out with friends. Contact us to host your next GNO at our mid-mod space!

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