EMAGE® Image Pro
3D Skin Analyzer

EMAGE® Facial Analysis

Emage Image Pro is an advanced 3-D imaging tool for complete clinical skin analysis. Our nurses can see deep into the dermal layers and perform the most accurate skin analysis to uncover future problem areas before they are visible.

How does Image Pro work?

Image Pro measures and analyzes fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage in normal light (shows surface conditions), UV Light (surface conditions/below the surface of the skin), and polarized light (enhanced surface conditions). The device can be used to view pore depth, sebum (oil), and acne scarring in 3-D. Image Pro also can evaluate skin tone and pigment variations.

image 2

Why should I have 3D skin analysis?

The information needed to determine the right treatments or understand the true results of those treatments are not always evident to the naked eye. That’s why we offer the Emage Image Pro skin analysis service to our clients. The system gives us a comprehensive facial image from all angles and below the surface so our providers can properly advise on the most effective treatments and enhance overall value to the patient.

The Image Pro analysis only takes 10 minutes to complete and then our provider will discuss results and optimal treatment plans. Based on your personal profile, you will receive a printed record of your personalized treatment plan that will include recommendations of products and treatments for ongoing skin care health. Your Image Pro results will be used to monitor the effectiveness of your personalized treatment solutions throughout your treatment cycle.

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