Self-Care in the New Age: Meet Rytualist

Welcome to Rytualist! We launched this company as a way to offer the latest in innovative, high-tech skincare to a broader range of individuals who want to focus on their self-care. We created a team that offers the highest standard in medical quality for a focused set of treatments so we can carry lighter overhead costs and make specialized skin treatments accessible for everyone. Our mission is to create an environment that supports our local community and to provide our clients with the safety and medical prestige of your typical clinical office practice without the intimidation — and with a lot more fun (plus, a much cuter waiting room)! As our community slowly emerges from COVID hibernation, it is important now more than ever to find each other again and re-connect; and give ourselves the self-care and community we’ve been longing for! And why not include a new, highly-effective skincare treatment as part of your self-care ritual? 

Defining today’s self-care

In today’s world, self-care is a necessity. We often don’t prioritize ourselves enough in our daily routines because we spend all of our time caring for others: children, spouses, parents and friends. Regardless of age, sex, lifestyle or income, self-care comes in many forms, both tangible and intangible. At its core, self-care is about listening and tending to what your mind & body needs. Whatever method you choose, crafting a self-care routine that’s right for you is essential! Whether it’s routine manicures, massages, exercise, daily walks in nature, or maybe just a quiet nap, it’s typically the little things done consistently overtime — showing ourselves that we care enough to dedicate time to just ourselves on a regular basis. At Rytualist, we believe technical skincare (skincare beyond creams) is becoming a more desired source for self care, and we invite you to put aside the stigma, give yourself time and feel empowered to do something different and effective for yourself.

Meet our injector, Katie Pierce!

As a nurse, I truly know the importance of a quality skincare regimen that includes restorative and preventative treatments. There are many things I wish I would have known years ago to protect and prevent the aging process, but it’s not too late! Whether you want to focus on preventing skin damage or want to correct some previous damage (or both!) I’m excited to help you achieve your goals. Rytualist provides something to suit everyone’s needs and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such a strong team with a shared vision and passion for innovative skincare.

The new world of neurotoxins (commonly known as Botox)

When the word “Botox” comes up in conversation, what first comes to mind or how do you react? For some it’s scary, some simply don’t really know what it entails or where it’s done on the body, and yet for others, it’s new and exciting — something they’ve always wanted to try but didn’t know how or where to get started. Part of our mission at Rytualist is to help educate and destigmatize the idea of using neurotoxins. 

The most widely known neurotoxin, Botox, is the FDA approved medication developed by Allergan to temporarily paralyze superficial muscles in the face to reduce lines and wrinkles, and has been in use for approximately 20 years.  It has been proven very safe and effective for reducing wrinkles because it relaxes the underlying facial structure that causes repetitive wrinkling of specific areas, ie. crow’s feet, forehead and between the eyes. There have been 3 other comparable FDA approved toxin formulas created since Botox entered the market, all of which have similar results and safety. We refer to these wrinkle relaxing formulas as neurotoxins or toxins as a generic treatment term with our practice.

We think differently about neurotoxins

So, let’s talk about neurotoxins and why we believe it should be in every woman’s (or man’s) arsenal of anti-aging products. As stated earlier, Botox has now been around for many years, and its use is safe and effective, AND temporary. It may not be as noticeable as a new hair color or freshly polished nails, but it is a maintenance ritual that, if started early, will reduce the repetitive movement of the underlying muscles that create real wrinkles overtime. No matter what people say, there is nothing else on the market in a cream or serum that will alleviate this problem, because it’s deeper than the skin’s surface. When done correctly, neurotox injections provide an anti-aging, glow-providing benefit that can look natural – and exactly what we strive to achieve! 

Our lineup at Rytualist

We offer a focused lineup of treatments so we can be medical experts with effective results. We provide customized treatments using botulinum toxins (commonly known as Botox), highest grade facial peels and the newest techniques in micro-needling. We’ve specifically selected our treatments to focus primarily on individuals who are newly entering the world of technical skincare treatments for the face & neck, targeting concerns like: 

  • Early signs of aging
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Discoloration and hyperpigmentation (as a result of sun damage)
  • Large pores 
  • Excess sebum production

Appointments are easy to make with our online scheduler, we have wallet friendly pricing and payment options. 

What this all means to Rytualist

At Rytualist, we’re not striving for aesthetic perfection — we understand that, as humans, we’re all imperfect and that’s what makes us all beautiful in our own way. We’re not another beauty company trying to sell you self-esteem in a bottle because we all recognize that the path to self esteem and confidence isn’t paved with a magical product (in fact, self esteem requires a lot of internal work and self reflection!). Rather, the point is taking part in a rytual that feels right to us, and giving ourselves the space to treat ourselves. It’s about the actual act of going out and doing something for yourself on a regular basis — and by treating yourself like someone who matters, which can be therapeutic in and of itself!