Botox vs. Jeaveau: Which neurotoxin is right for you?

Botox vs. Jeaveau: Which neurotoxin is right for you?

Are you searching for ‘botox near me’, only to find once you arrive at your injector’s office, they are offering some of the newer neurotoxins, like Jeaveau?  In our June 2022 blog post, we discussed the differences of the top 3 neurotoxins on the market: Botox Cosmetic, Xeomin and Dysport. At the time, we did not yet offer Jeaveau at our studio, but now that we’ve added Jeaveau to our arsenal of offerings, we thought it would be helpful to provide some information about the product and the key differences and uses of the Jeaveau product in comparison to other brands on the market!

If you are a consumer of medical injectable treatments or an existing client of ours, you are most likely familiar with Botox Cosmetic, however, there are 3 other neurotoxins on the market with varying formulations and offer slightly different results!  As a business that focuses primarily on medical injectable services, we continuously research and train on new products and techniques.  We have recently added the newest neurotoxin to our arsenal of products and treatments, the name of which is Jeaveau or sometimes listed as ‘newtox’.  

What is Jeaveau?

Jeaveau, named for the French word  “nouveau” and meaning modern or recent, entered the market as an FDA approved neuromodulator in 2019 (2).  It is manufactured by Evolus, a company that was incorporated as a beauty performance company, specifically to manufacture, market and sell neuromodulators as an aesthetic product.

Evolus competes in this market with large, well known medical companies such as Allergan, Galderma (owned by McKesson) and Merz all offering neuromodulators approved for both aesthetic and medical conditions. The fact that Evolus was incorporated solely to grow a business around neuromodulators is significant for a couple reasons. 

First, research indicates that neuromodulators will continue to be the fastest growing, non-invasive cosmetic treatment among the younger generations — and  Evolus wants to lead the way! Second, creating a niche focus around cash-pay aesthetics treatments allow greater flexibility with pricing and create more competition in the market. All of this being said, it makes sense that Evolus will likely focus on marketing to the Gen Z and Millennial age groups, the largest and relatively untapped market for neuromodulators.

Jeaveau: Effectiveness, results and rewards

Let’s now tackle the subject of effectiveness, results and that ever sought-after rewards program. Many new users of neuromodulators think botox is botox (with a small ‘b’) – they all work the same. However, there are differences between Botox, Xeomin and Dysport, which you can read about in our previous blog post.  

In clinical studies,  Jeaveau was shown to have similar effectiveness to Botox Cosmetic, which shouldn’t be surprising, as both are formulated with the same 900 kDa molecular weight.  The primary difference is that Jeaveau uses a Hi-Pure technology that aids absorption and removes harmful proteins, which some believe may make it a slightly safer product than Botox. Our early customer experiences  with Jeaveau indicate that results may appear more quickly and may also last longer than the other neuromodulators. We are still monitoring our client’s progress, but have heard first-hand reports of earlier-onset results, which is an attractive attribute for many clients!

And finally, I did want to touch on rewards programs as this is something that is of interest to our clients and often misunderstood.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with Alle, the rewards program associated with Botox Cosmetic.  Although not well known, each brand has its own version of Alle points but very few of our clients have heard about these programs.  Xeomin has Xperience; Dysport has Aspire; and Jeaveau has Jeaveau Rewards – each offering an initial sign-up discount of $40 or $50 and credit points for each treatment visit to be used for a future treatment. Enrollment is typically quite effortless and we work with each of our clients to help them enroll and get the most out of these programs.

There is no question that there are a lot of new options available to individuals interested in adding neurotoxins to their skincare ritual! We are finally beginning to see neurotoxin products that can compete effectively with Botox Cosmetic and be offered at a more reasonable price point. 

At Rytualist, we not only want to offer a variety of options at a reasonable price, but also help educate you about each option and which may be the best fit for you. During your consultation, our provider will review the specific goals of your medical skincare journey and work with you to deliver the best product and treatment to get you optimal results!

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